Flex Talk: The Myth About Rigid-Flex Costs

December 12, 2018 | Tara Dunn, Omni PCB

Do you cringe when you think of the option of rigid-flex? It is not an uncommon reaction when talking with designers and engineering managers about using rigid-flex to solve a packaging problem. Why? The most frequent answer is, “They are so expensive.” While it is true that a rigid-flex PCB is typically more expensive on the surface when compared to rigid-board solutions with cables and connectors, a lot is being missed with that mindset.

Flexible Thinking: Achieving Continuous Flexible Circuit Innovation

December 7, 2018 | Joe Fjelstad, Verdant Electronics

Since their introduction, flexible circuits have continued a steady climb from relative obscurity to center stage in the world of electronic interconnections. Today, they are among the most popular choice for solving challenging electronic interconnection problems. Those who use this technology on a regular basis are familiar with the many reasons for the popularity of flex.

Meet All Flex’s New President and CEO Matt Keithly

December 4, 2018 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team

All Flex Flexible Circuits and Heaters recently appointed Matt Keithly as their new president and CEO. In this exclusive interview, Keithly discusses his background, the direction of the company, and topics related to flexible circuits and other areas of All Flex’s business.

EPTE Newsletter: Exotic Materials for Flexible Circuits

November 29, 2018 | Dominique Numakura, DKN Research

Wearable technology is common in the electronics industry and is expected to be a profitable category for the next generation of electronics. An Amazon search for wearable technology leads to 30,000 results. Flexible circuits are the most significant packaging materials for wearable devices including medical and healthcare devices.

Increasing Productivity for Flex Fabricators

November 14, 2018 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team

Barry Matties and Nolan Johnson of I-Connect007 met with Shane Noel and industry veteran Mike Jennings of ESI to discuss the introduction of their CapStone laser tool, a product aimed at doubling their flex circuit fabricators’ throughput. Mike also shares advice for fabricators who are looking to move into the ever-growing flex market.

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