CPES2019 Now Open For Speaker, Sponsor and Exhibitor Submissions

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CPES2019, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), is now open for registration along with speaker, academic poster and exhibitor submissions.

Organized by the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, CPES2019 takes place from May 16-17 at the Domaine Chateau-Bromont in Bromont, Quebec, less than an hour from Montreal.

The deadline for academic poster and speaker submissions is February 18. The submission deadline for our Innovation Awards is March 22.

Register now for our early bird pricing: Save up to $100 off the regular admission until March 31.

CPES has grown into an internationally recognized event, having hosted past delegations from the U.S., Taiwan, France and Greece. With over 40 speakers, four workshops, four industry awards, 22 industry exhibitors and 15 academic posters, last year’s event was a huge success (check out the event video).

And don’t wait to book your tabletop exhibit space—we fill up early every year!

What’s CPES2019 all about?

Flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) enable hundreds of new applications in various verticals by adding intelligence to ordinary objects with unique form factors. FHE uses next-generation additive and manufacturing electronics technologies that can help all 2,000 electronics players in Canada. The broader FHE market represents a $31.6B global market opportunity.

This is a growth opportunity for all electronics players, including the semiconductor industry, as they hit the limits of Moore’s Law for integrated circuits—they’re looking for new ways to produce electronics components more efficiently for existing and new applications.

What's new at CPES2019?

This year’s event will also host tours and demonstrations to celebrate the opening of C2MI’s new Advanced Manufacturing Centre for scale-up manufacturing. Bromont’s Scientific Park is the home of Canada’s microelectronics industry with world renowned companies such as Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor Inc., IBM Canada Ltd., and Varitron, to name just a few, combined with Canada’s largest microsystems R&D Center, C2MI—making the area a unique integrated value chain.

At CPES2019, industry-leading Canadian and international speakers will explore all facets of FHE during the fifth annual CPES including flexible, stretchable, and 2D/3D printable electronics; smart textiles and wearables; and flex-integrated circuit technologies, software and applications.

CPES allows existing companies to build their capabilities and supply chains as well as companies new to FHE to come up to speed very quickly on this new opportunity. The conference will bring together more than 120 members of C2MI and 125 members of intelliFLEX, uniting members of the Canadian semiconductor and flexible hybrid electronics industries and leading the way to emerging new technological possibilities and markets.



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