Insulectro Names Geraldine Arseneau Drill Product Manager and Canadian Business Manager

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Insulectro, the largest distributor of materials for use in printed circuits boards (PCB) and printed electronics manufacturing, has hired drill room expert Geraldine Arseneau in a hybrid dual role. Arseneau was named product manager−drill, and business manager−Canada.

“I’m pleased to announce the hiring of Geraldine Arseneau,” commented Ken Parent, vice president of sales and product management for Insulectro. “Geraldine has extensive knowledge of cutting tool products and 8 years as a territory manager based in Ontario, Canada. This experience will very much enhance Insulectro’s growth targets and trajectories.”

Arseneau spent five years as PCB drill product manager at Kyocera Precision Tools based in California. Prior to that, she was territory manager (Canada) Kyocera and Tycom. She began her extensive PCB career working in procurement and material controls with two circuit board manufacturers.

Parent continued, “The Drill Room and Cutting tool products and Canada are emerging markets for Insulectro. Things move fast in electronics. One of the best ways we’ve discovered to be out in front is to hire people with the knowledge, experience, and the track record and empower them to be successful. Geraldine will support our existing teammates in supporting the Canadian market to meet our aggressive plans for growth on that market.”

“We’re committed to recruiting and hiring superstar teammates to join an already exceptional team armed with best-of-range products from world-class suppliers like Isola, DuPont, Oak Mitsui, Pacothane, LCOA, CAC, Focus Tech Chemicals, TADCO, Shikoku, JX Nippon, and EMD Performance Materials. Expert people, outstanding products—it’s a winning combination,”  Parent concluded.

About Insulectro

Insulectro ( is the largest supplier of PCB materials used to manufacture circuit boards as well as materials for printed electronics. Insulectro combines its premier product offering with local inventory in 10 strategic stocking locations across the country, fabrication capabilities and backed up by expert customer and technical support services.



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