Miva Technologies Releases 2000RR: 10-micron Capable Reel-to-Reel Direct Imaging System

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Chris Hrusovsky, MivaTek global vice president of business development, is excited to announce the company installed its first reel-to-reel, flexible circuit capable, 10-micron direct imaging system. The system was designed based on their patented quad-wave DLP direct write technology at a high-volume manufacturer of precision technologies in the Central USA. 

Combined with efforts from local sales team at Integrated Process Technologies, MivaTek Global collaborated with the customer to develop the new product further expanding Miva’s microelectronics offering.

About Miva Technologies

Miva Technologies, GmbH is a leading producer of direct imaging and direct write technologies for the printed circuit, microelectronics and chemical milling markets. Based in Stuttgart, Germany Miva Technologies, GmbH has global distribution and support for its leading LED imaging technologies. (www.mivatec.com)

About MivaTek Global, LLC

MivaTek Global, LLC is Miva’s business and application development arm based outside of Philadelphia, PA. (www.MivaTek.global)



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