Unitech, Dynamic Doing Well With Multiple Niche PCB Applications

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Taiwan-based PCB makers Unitech and Dynamic Electronics have outperformed other local second-tier peers, as their efforts in developing diverse niche applications are paying off significantly.

Unitech, now in the supply chain of rigid-flex boards for AirPods, has seen its revenues grow steadily since the launch of AirPods 2 in early 2019. The company sees AirPods-use boards contribute 30-40% of its revenues. The company has also started shipments of battery boards for iPhone 11 series and will deliver boards for auto-use camera lens and radar modules starting in early 2020.

Dynamic has enjoyed steady increases in demand for HDI boards from three major application segments: auto-use camera and radar modules as well as LiDAR and entertainment systems, optoelectronics-use HDI for tablets, and memory module boards for use at datacenters.



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