Ocutrx Vision Technologies COO Details Impact of Wearables on the Healthcare Industry

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Mitchael Freeman, COO of Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC, a California-based technology startup developing a state-of-the-art augmented reality headset, this week delivered a forward-looking high-tech AR architecture presentation on the evolution of wearables in the healthcare space at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West Conference in Anaheim.

The Ocutrx presentation was titled How Wearable Devices, Smartphones & AI Are Changing the Face of Healthcare. It featured the Oculenz™ Advanced Macular Degeneration ARwear and the ORLenz™ Surgery Visualization AR headset. The session touched on a range of topics, including the role wearables play in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of some chronic diseases, how 5G technology and other technologies will support the wearables expansion and how augmented reality visualization for surgery can be combined with Artificial Intelligence for collecting data, predicting complications, and improving surgery outcomes. Mitch also explained how specialization of electronics is enabling the design of lower power devices and more reliable and adaptable devices.

Freeman demonstrated both a patient-use headset which aids Advanced Macular Degeneration; and a high-resolution, 5G Surgery AR headset featuring 6DOF and digital microscope wireless video streaming. Mitch demonstrated how the surgery visualization is made possible by Ocutrx’s WiDtrx™ 5G wireless video which operates at 60 GHz sending 7 gigabits/per/second of 4K video (IEEE 802.11(a.x)). The latency in the ORLenz WiDtrx systems has tested to be the same or less than a wired connection, such as an HDMI cable, which permits the surgeons’ ORLenz headset to be totally wireless, tetherless and light-weight with virtually no latency. Conference attendees waited up to an hour to demo each Ocutrx headset.

“The speed at which wearable technology is developing and proving its utility in the healthcare space is raising a lot of eyebrows internationally,” said Freeman. “The Ocutrx technology is aimed at both improving surgery protocols and outcomes as well as assisting patients with low vision conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, amblyopia and hemianopsia, but the reality is that our tech—and other wearable tech currently in our development—can and will be used for everything from general healthcare to fitness; from remote disease monitoring to in-home pharma testing; and into advanced surgical telemedicine—and the list goes on. The wearables space is growing by leaps and bounds and the demand for this technology is going to be very significant over the next ten years, as hospital and clinics switch from analog optical equipment to AR and other digital visual technologies. This is why Team Ocutrx jumped in early to developed state-of-the-art AR headsets for both the physician side and the patient side of the medical devices.”



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