Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) Appoints Edward “TJ” May to Director of Business Development

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Carey Burkett, vice president of business development for Flexible Circuit Technologies, has announced the appointment of industry veteran TJ May to the position of director of business development.

In this role, May will be responsible for supporting FCT’s business development activities aimed at meeting growing demands for our products and services. This will include working with their expanding customer base as they look to take advantage of flex, rigid-flex, flexible heater product offerings and associated services including everything from EMS/Assembly to complete product box builds.

In the circuit industry for over 30 years, May has held key positions in a number of industry leading companies including most recently managing director of ZKNA (Zhuo Kai North America), where he led their successful introduction into the North American market.

When making the announcement, Burkett commented, “We feel fortunate to have someone of TJ’s experience and capabilities on board. His vast breadth of experience and proven success in support of developing and growing business within our industry made it an easy choice for adding him to our team. We look forward to the contributions that he will bring to FCT.”

May added, “I am very excited about this new opportunity. With all of the capabilities that FCT offers, as well as their fast growth and success in recent years, it’s an excellent opportunity and an ideal next step in my career. This is going to be a very successful and exciting adventure.”

About Flexible Circuit Technologies

Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is a premier global provider of flexible circuits, rigid-flex, flexible heaters, membrane switches and specialized EMS/Assembly services to complete product box builds. FCT is headquartered in MN, USA and provides customers with superior flex/rigid flex design consultation and support leading to cost-effective designs and the production of high-quality products at competitive pricing.  FCT has multiple production facilities in Asia, led by our Shenzhen, China group allowing us to meet broad product needs while able to meet small to high-volume program requirements in serving Medical, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Telecom/Data, Industrial and more.  

For more information visit: www.flexiblecircuit.com



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