EastPrint Expands Offerings for Printed Electronics to Include CNT Hybrids

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CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc, inventor of AgeNT™ – the leading ITO alternative for transparent printed electronics – announced a partnership with Eastprint, a premier printed electronics provider serving clients across North America. As an affiliate of the CHASM Preferred Integration Partner (PIP) Program, Eastprint has secured access to CHASM’s line of transparent conductive printed electronics materials to offer their customers greater choice in high optoelectronic performance transparent conductors.

CHASM’s line of transparent conductive films, AgeNT, offers unique performance capabilities for printed electronics integrators such as Eastprint to develop and manufacture exceptional quality and novel solutions to customers in many industries. Unlike conventional printed electronics materials, such as Indium Tin Oxide or PEDOT, AgeNT materials are transparent, flexible, robust and easy to fabricate by a simple print and etch process, making them ideal for transparent, flexible heaters, touch sensors, antennas and more.

“As a pioneer in the printed electronics industry, we’ve experienced first-hand the introduction of many new technologies and have helped many companies effectively and efficiently implement them into their innovative, new product lines,” said Thomas Bianchi, Vice President of Eastprint, Incorporated. “Having access to a broad range of high performance materials like AgeNT and Signis from CHASM helps us provide customers an understanding of the full range of suitable materials for their application, then execute and manufacture an electronic component that cost-effectively performs as required.”

Membership in the CHASM PIP network gives Eastprint access to CHASM’s full product line including AgeNT – the company’s exclusive CNT Hybrid platform for transparent and flexible printed electronics, as well as VC102, a printable conductive CNT ink delivering environmental stability and printing consistency without the negative color cast associated with commercial alternatives such as PEDOT.

“Eastprint is quite accomplished in the printed electronics industry experience in the broad range of capabilities to successfully transform advanced materials such as AgeNT and Signis into the electronic components product companies need in their newest product offerings,” said David J. Arthur, CEO of CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. “Market interest in new categories of products only made possible with AgeNT such as transparent antennas or transparent heaters, continues to grow rapidly and we’re confident Eastprint has the skillset to transform those innovative ideas into functional, durable, and high quality electronic components.”



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