ROARTIS Introduces Fast Cure Materials for Printed Electronic Applications

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Belgium based ROARTIS BV, also known under their brandnames IQ- BOND® and IQ-CAST® develops and manufactures adhesives, coatings and resins for high reliability electronic applications.

In the past few years, special attention has been given to printed electronic applications, where high throughput processes required the development of faster assembly materials.

As an example, ROARTIS has developed a range of anisotropic conductive adhesives, used in the assembly of fine pitch RFID antennas, where reliable interconnections of the RFID tab onto the RFID antenna can be realized in a matter of seconds. In view of the growing volume demands from the printed electronics industry, ROARTIS has been able to combine their ultra-fast curing chemistry with lower cost raw materials, making them attractive materials for current and future high volume projects, such as smart labels, RFID tags, wearable electronics, etc.

IQ-BOND 5976-ACE addresses the economic challenges of printed electronics, in combination with the high throughput processing requirements and long term reliability requirements. IQ-BOND 5976-ACE is designed to provide high adhesion strength on different flexible, as well as rigid substrates, such as PET, polyimide, FR4, copper, aluminum and silver. It has been tested extensively in moisture (85°C/85%RH – 1000 hrs), as well as temperature cycling (-40°C/+125°C) testing.

The material cures in a matter of seconds with thermode- or induction curing systems, enabling to assembly 20.000 – 40.000 microchips per hour on typical, industrial, flip chip production systems.



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