Matrix Offering a Lamination Assist System for Flexible Circuit Lamination

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Matrix Electronics is promoting EuroPads® Press Pads and EuroForm® Conformal Release film as a system package for lamination of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards. Designed and offered as part of the new EuroAssist Product Line, EuroPads® and EuroForm® are exceptional alternatives to the many confusing and expensive competitive options currently available. When used together they maximize production yields, quality, and cost savings.

  • EUROPADS® are Printed Circuit Board Lamination Press Pads, manufactured to offer pressure equalization and heat lagging benefits.  EuroPads® proprietary composition offers consistent performance for PCB Lamination optimization. They possess excellent large-scale uniform pressure equalization, that compensates the inefficiencies created by contact between Press Platens and Tooling Plates.
  •  EUROFORM® conformal release film, when included as the second part of the system, provides a hydraulic seal around the flexible circuit, creating discreet contact of the film to the circuit board. This enhances the process of resin flow and fill characteristics. When used with EuroPads® in the Flex PCB manufacturing process, EuroForm® balances height differences during the lamination process while providing consistent pressure distribution across the surface of the circuit topography. Examples of applications are:
    • Laminating Cover-Layers to control-adhesive squeeze out
    • Manufacturing Multi-Layer Flexible Circuits with varying bond plies
    • Manufacturing Rigid-Flex PCB’s with low-flow prepreg, to prevent air entrapment and minimize voids.

“It’s exciting to have these two flagship components in our Lamination Assist family of products. To date, positive customer trials and market acceptance through qualification confirms the positive benefits of EuroPads® and EuroForm®. Our system brings tangible results,” states Peter Decaneas, Product Manager for Lamination Assist Products at Matrix. “I enjoy working directly with customers sharing the many experiences I am privileged to have seen in my 35 years of direct involvement with Lamination Assist in both Flexible and Rigid Multilayer Laminations worldwide by offering these two new products,” adds Mr. Decaneas.



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