URT Partners with CHASM to Advance Touch Display Technology

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CHASM Advanced Materials, inventor of AgeNT™, a leading ITO alternative for transparent printed electronics, announced that United Radiant Technology Corporation has joined CHASM’s Preferred Integration Partner Program. Headquartered in Taiwan, URT specializes in capacitive touch panels, resistive touch panels, LED lighting and touch buttons for many applications including white goods and automotive applications. Multiple models of AgeNT transparent conductive films are being used to develop a new line of medium and large format touch screen displays.

While ITO is widely used for touch panels and buttons, the advantages of AgeNT vs. ITO are lower touch sensor pattern cost, more efficient supply chain design and faster touch sensor response time due to higher conductivity. Additionally, AgeNT is printed onto flexible films, allowing for large format touch panels in curved and organic shapes – not just flat panels. Utilizing AgeNT (and CHASM’s latest VC102 ink – a PEDOT replacement), enables URT to continually develop the products their customers require.

“We see how quickly the technology of our customers’ is moving and the needs they have for more advanced ways of implementing touch buttons and smart surfaces into homes, cars and public spaces. With the addition of AgeNT and Signis materials, we feel strongly we will be able to provide the products our customers need to keep them on the cutting edge and ensure their product roadmaps are robust,” said Dr. Ching-Yuan Ju, R&D Director of URT.

With company values of innovation, speed and commitment, URT and CHASM are uniquely aligned. URT was established in 1990 and serves customers globally from their factories and support centers in Taiwan and in Europe. URT has more than 20 distributors worldwide and more than 700 employees. URT is committed to continuous efforts in research and development, making the partnership with CHASM a likely one. URT will use CHASM’s AgeNT product line of transparent conductive films to offer their clients a broader range of transparent and flexible printed electronics solutions.

“Alternative advanced materials such as AgeNT help engineers at companies like URT to evolve established product lines offering cost and producibility benefits,” said David J. Arthur, CEO and Co-founder of CHASM. “By overcoming the design limitations imposed by materials like ITO, URT can expand their product line to not only perform better in end customer applications, but also in a way that gives engineers greater design freedom in developing new applications and accelerating those offerings to market quickly and efficiently through scalable manufacturing.”



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