Bertrand Fillon Appointed as OE-A Fellow 2020

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Since 2017 the OE-A honors persons who have made special contributions to the further development of the flexible, organic and printed electronics industry and the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) - a working group of the VDMA. With the appointment as OE-A Fellow, a personal OE-A membership for life is connected.

This year, the OE-A Board has chosen Dr. Bertrand Fillon, Program Director of the CEALiten of France. The fellow certificate was digitally handed over by Stan Farnsworth, Chair of the OE-A Board and Chief Marketing Officer of NovaCentrix, during the online OE-A meeting.

"Dr Fillon has made great contributions to both the OE-A and LOPEC, the international exhibition and conference for the printed electronics industry," said Farnsworth. "For more than 15 years, Bertrand Fillon has been an important ambassador for the OE-A and has contributed significantly to fostering the very good and ever-increasing cooperation with French companies and networks.”

Bertrand Fillon has also supported and promoted the flexible, organic and printed electronics industry at European and international level. Bertrand Fillon is also a member of the Scientific Board of the LOPEC conference. He is also involved in various European platforms and associations as well as in various expert groups at international and national level.

"The OE-A would like to thank Dr Fillon for his services to the printed electronics industry, his support of the OE-A, and his work in establishing networked communities of both research and business in France and throughout Europe,” continued Farnsworth. "We look forward to continuing our collaboration.”



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