Altix Exhibits Virtually at IPC APEX EXPO 2021

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Sylvain Dromaint, vice president and general manager of Altix North America, has announced that, in cooperation with their American Agents ArtNet Pro, Altix will be participating in this year’s virtual IPC APEX EXPO, March 10–12.

All parties interested in seeing a demonstration of their direct imaging equipment are invited to attend. Altix will be hosting this event from the headquarters of their customer Calumet Electronics, with a live, real-time demonstration of their equipment on Thursday, March 11.

One-on-one meetings on either Wednesday, March 10 or Friday, March 12, can be scheduled with either Sylvain Dromaint at or Meir Polack at You can also contact either one to reserve your spot for the real time live demonstration on Thursday, March 11.

Trackwise CEO Philip Johnson, who bought an additional two of Altix’s direct imaging reel to reel machines, said, “We are pleased to have secured these additional two units from Altix as part of the next stage of expansion in our IHT division. Altix’s cutting edge direct imaging equipment allows us to produce our own disruptive technology for applications across a wide range of industries, including electric vehicles, medical markets, and aerospace. We are looking forward to being able to meet the growing demand for our IHT products enabled by this additional capacity.”



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