Altix Receives Repeat Order for Direct Imaging Equipment

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Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of LED lighting, photoelectric sensors, IoT based hardware and FPC products, has expressed its trust in Altix by ordering multiple Direct Imaging machines.

The company’s ongoing success on the international market paves the way for its expansion of production capabilities.

Coupled to its current orders of both Contact Printing and Direct Imaging Reel-to-Reel (RtR) machines, Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd. ordered an additional Adix direct imager for multicolor soldermask applications. 

Frédéric Baradel, Altix VP confides: ‘We are very pleased to further develop our presence on the Chinese market. This repeat order shows their confidence in our expertise to deliver high-quality equipment accompanied by dedicated customer service.’

The Adix is a dedicated UV LED DMD solution for all processes (inner and outer layer, soldermask) based on the innovative ALDS-Power4 + ™ technology with 4 LEDs per head.


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