Christoph Boueke Appointed New MD of Stevenage Circuits

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Stevenage Circuits Ltd, one of Europe’s largest and most technologically advanced rigid multi-layer and flexi-rigid PCB manufacturers, announced the appointment of Christoph Boueke as Managing Director. With a long career in the electronics industry, he brings to the role over 24 years of progressive senior management experience in the UK, Germany and North America.

Boueke will also play a key role in adding the experience within the Trackwise Group of companies, of which Stevenage Circuits became a member in 2020. He comments: “Stevenage Circuits focuses on producing complex PCBs for demanding industries such as aerospace, space, communications, medical and automotive. We therefore share many customers and potential customers with our sister company, Trackwise Designs, specialists in flexible printed circuit technology. I believe that Stevenage Circuits can play a major role within the Trackwise Group, adding to the capabilities we offer to customers globally.”

It’s a pleasure and very exciting for me to be a part of the Trackwise Group and especially Stevenage Circuits Ltd. to grow our European and global presence and expand our high-end UK services”, he adds.

Boueke joins as Stevenage Circuits is celebrating its 50th anniversary. “We are a trusted part of the electronics eco-system”, he explains. “Today, many customers are looking to re-shore production of vital components such as PCBs. We have a total manufacturing capability in the UK, which is extremely attractive to customers wishing to control quality, and also for those whom sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of their production is important, as for many companies this is now a defined goal and commitment within their roadmap and company policies. However, within our portfolio, we can also project-manage PCB production in lower cost manufacturing areas, for applications that demand this approach.”


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