Nick Koop: A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

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Nick Koop, director of flex technology at TTM Technologies, reflects on the powerful impact the electronics manufacturing industry has had on the world, as well as the many learning opportunities offered by actively participating in IPC. Nick urges aspiring young professionals to reach out and create the lasting connections that will guide them throughout their careers.

Patty Goldman: Nick, nice to be talking with you. Congratulations on the Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award.

Nick Koop: Thank you. It was a surprise. I’ll jokingly say I didn’t think I was that old yet.

Goldman: That creeps right up on you.

Koop: Yeah, a bit of a surprise and humbling. Why me vs. so many other well-deserving folks doing quality work on a regular basis? It’s quite an honor to be considered someone who has had a positive impact in the industry. I will say that it’s been great to work for TTM. The company values its IPC participation and likes us to be part of this. We invest in it. We like to say that if you’re really active, you get more out of it than you put into it.

Goldman: This award is all about collaboration and hard work, which go hand-in-hand. What do you feel is important about collaboration when you’re working on committees, and at IPC, in general?

Koop: Collaborating truly is a key part of being on a committee. I’m often pleasantly surprised—and sometimes amazed—by the fact that I may only know one piece of what’s going on but someone else in the room is an expert. That’s another humbling thing: The more you do this, the more you realize how little you know. Having the other folks there is key—that’s part of getting to a better solution. It’s very helpful when you get to see the whole picture. For example, if we collaborate and break down the tasks, we can have half the group propose a solution, and the rest of the group can talk it through. This works better than having 50 people trying to hash out one simple item. It’s a way to be a little more efficient too.

To read this entire conversation, which appeared in the 2023 edition of Show & Tell Magazine, click here.


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