Steve Williams Consulting is now “The Right Approach Consulting”

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PCB and manufacturing business authority, Steve Williams has officially changed the name of his consulting firm “Steve Williams Consulting” to “The Right Approach Consulting (trac).”

“When we first named the company “Steve Williams Consulting” we set out with the mission to share 30 plus years of experience to help our clients reduce cycle time, increase yields and improve profits. By customizing our solution to fit our customer’s specific needs, we help them focus on the areas that dramatically improve the core of their business. This is clearly the right approach, hence the renaming of the company. We wanted a name that clearly communicates exactly what we offer,” comments Williams.

traconsulting.jpgWilliams’ philosophy in developing customized solutions that fit specific business needs is that sustainable solutions can only be achieved by creating a collaborative environment in which your employees become part of the solution.  This approach assures that employees not only buy-in to the solutions, but take ownership and become champions of the cause. Through education, coaching and facilitation, his company trains employees to become active solution leaders capable of managing sustainable, permanent change.

For more information on how The Right Approach Consulting (trac) can help provide you with the expertise, tools, and a proven track record to help you reduce cycle time, increase yields and improve profits visit them on the web.


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