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Galvanic Systems Director

Whelen Engineering Co. seeks FT Galvanic Systems Dir. in Charlestown, NH to lead technical team to optimize GreenSource Fabrication, LLC Division's first-gen equip. by applying PCB mfg. concepts per cust reqs. Ensure process engg. meets co.’s needs; develop and validate process changes; plans to improve process capability using statistical & root cause analysis & eval’ing equip, including Atotech equip, thru design of exper & testing; travel int’lly 15-25% to eval biz plan & strategy to markets. Min reqs: U.S. Bach degree or foreign equiv. in chem sci or chem engg; knwl of entire PCB mfg. process, including process flows, indiv. processing steps, & tooling, w. knowledge of PCB pattern plating, including subtractive etching processes, additive processes, and printable techs as demo’d by 12 yrs’ exp. in PCB industry; Theoretical knwl of PCB Plating Processes, including MLB, HDI, and SLP-type PCB fab processes, as demo’d by 10 yrs' exp w. PCB plating processes; 5 yrs' exp working w. Atotech Equipment prod lines & their specialty chems; Prior work exp in R&D enviro. including app of lab analysis concepts and knowledge of cross section and wave form patterns.

 Apply to: Corinne Tuthill, ctuthill@greensourcefab.com or at Greensource Fabrication, LLC, 99 Ceda Rd, Charlestown, NH 03603.

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