DigiFlex, a PV Nano Cell Subsidiary, Installs Two DemonJet Printers

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PV Nano Cell, Ltd., an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, today announced that its fully owned subsidiary DigiFlex, has successfully installed two of its DemonJet printers at industrial partners sites in the EU. All partners are part of the EU inkjetPCB project (supported by the prestigious eurostars™ program in the Horion2020 framework) which is focused on the fabrication of multilayer printed circuit boards with embedded printed passive components.

As the use of electronic devices is increasing, so does the demand for high performing, smaller-sized products. One way to enable such products is by implementing embedded passive components such as resistors and capacitors. Instead of placing these components on the PCB (printed circuit board), the components can be embedded within the PCB layers. Such an approach clears valuable real estate on the top side of the PCB allowing for more powerful CPUs or batteries to be incorporated in the electronic device. Existing PCB manufacturing technologies are complex and involve many production stages. Furthermore, such subtractive technologies where production material is removed during the production are very costly due to the high use of material and production waste. Digital printing however, is an additive technology where material is added only where required and therefore solves these problems and offers new advantages.

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, “We are delighted to report about these two recent successful installations in Europe. Our DemonJet printers will help develop the printing processes required to print the embedded passive components. We expect the resulting solution to prove significantly more affordable than the current highly expensive and limited technologies. The proposed solution offers valuable digital benefits such as numerous design options, easy customization and shorter time to market. In this prestigious project, we work with excellent partners while DigiFlex is providing the printers. Furthermore, PV Nano Cell is providing its Sicrys™—silver-based conductive inks and is developing the additional inks required for this project. The inks have an enormous impact on the lower overall cost of the solution and the performance and are environmentally friendly. In addition, the process is contactless, allowing printing on fragile substrates with no yield concerns. In spite of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) constraints, the project continues to advance though at a slower pace in order to keep all of our teams safe.”

PV Nano Cell’s Chief of Business Development Officer, Mr. Hanan Markovich commented, “PV Nano Cell continues to lead the digital printed electronics mass manufacturing market with this prestigious EU project. We invest many resources in joint research programs with world-leading partners to develop today, the technologies everyone will be using tomorrow. Our DemonJet printers are most suited for the project, offering large printing area, high accuracy and supporting the printing of up to 10 inks at the same time. We are now working on further upgrading these printers to offer camera-based registration capabilities. In essence, the DemonJet printer offers low-volume manufacturing capabilities in an unparalleled price. We believe digitally printed embedded passive components will disrupt the electronics industry, enabling new, powerful and exciting products. We are happy to work with our partners and be part of this wonderful transformation.”



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