Agiler, Ynvisible Join Forces to Make Public Spaces Safe, Sterile

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Ynvisible Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Agiler Oy, a Finnish high tech company, to prototype a trailblazing smart label technology to verify that the surfaces in public spaces, such as mass transit vehicles, have been successfully sterilized with modern ultraviolet C (UVC) sterilization technology.

The sensor label will demonstrate cost-effective, scalable printed and flexible electronics and displays produced by Ynvisible. The work is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 financial instrument, under the Smartees 2 project.

There is a substantial market and public interest in developing sterilization technologies for public spaces that are chemical-free and less hazardous for the environment. According to a new report by Reports and Data, the global Disinfectant Products market is forecasted to reach USD 30.11 Billion by 2027. UVC technology is among the most interesting of the technologies poised to challenge the use of chemical based disinfectants. Several companies are investing in automated sterilization technologies to guarantee safe and sterile surfaces. The solutions showcased by Agiler and Ynvisible will help reassure commuters, parents, and individuals that surfaces in public spaces and transport are sanitized and safe.

"With the COVID-19 pandemic, you have seen some crazy things like vehicles spraying or fuming chemical sterilization agents in public spaces, even outdoors, partly only to make people feel safe. When Agiler approached us with their idea, we felt that there was a natural match with our visual indicator technology together with the design and manufacturing services we provide," said Samuli Strömberg, Head of Business Development Smart Labels at Ynvisible. "It is great to partner up with such an innovative company with something that addresses some of the great challenges of our time."

"We hope that through the successful implementation of this project, the technologies that both companies have been working on for years can serve the greater good. It is our great privilege to work together with Ynvisible to create a solution with such a huge global impact. The innovative electrochromic display in the smart sensor label allows the public to see that their living and working spaces are safe. The wireless communication allows the labels to interact with other smart technologies such as sterilization robots. We are also inviting interested partners and customers to collaborate with us," said Jarkko Miettinen, Co-Founder and CEO of Agiler.

The duration of the Smartees2 funded demonstrator project is a of maximum nine (9) months. By then the companies expect to have demonstrated a first of its kind solution that can be taken into mass-production. Products are introduced to the market in various formats as labels or integrated, flexible, functional elements on several different surfaces or products. Agiler expects to provide this solution first in the healthcare and retail markets and is open for discussions with interested parties for partnership.


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