Ynvisible Welcomes Seda Evis to Advisory Board

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Ynvisible Interactive Inc. is excited to strengthen its Advisory Board with the addition of Seda Evis, a business, user-centered design and finance leader. By uniting business expertise, research talent, and financial resources, Ynvisible aims to build innovative solutions and technology standards that provide an easy visual interface for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Seda Evis is joining the Ynvisible Advisory Board as Ramin Heydarpour has joined the Ynvisible Board of Directors as of December 2020.   

Industry Leaders
Ynvisible has infused the Advisory Board with leaders in private and academic sectors, specializing in Supply Chain Management, Packaging, Consumer Insights, Engineering, Business, and Finance. 

Seda Evis joins Mitchell Huang, Adam Laubach, Dr. Rudi Leuschner, Sal Pellingra, and Tiffany Vasilchik, Dr. Michael Okoroafor, Dr. Harlan Byker, and Dr. Harri Kopola. 

These inspiring professionals work collaboratively with like-minded experts and organizations to cultivate deeper relationships between industry, government, and financial partners. Ultimately, this infusion of new perspectives will transform the entire Ynvisible value chain. 

Michael Robinson, COO of Ynvisible, says, "Ynvisible’s ability to return shareholder and customer value hinges on our Customer Experience (CX) and our capacity to rapidly and iteratively build, measure and learn around our products and services. A robust CX practice has been shown to deliver double & triple-digit ROI.

Seda Evis brings a wealth of customer-centered insight that I’m very excited to integrate to support our continued growth in 2021 and beyond.” 


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