Lenthor Engineering Announces Release for Manufacturing of DuPont Pyralux HT Materials

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Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California based designer, manufacturer and assembler of rigid-flex and flex printed circuit boards is pleased to announce the qualification of DuPont’s Pyralux® HT flex circuit material for manufacturing of flex and rigid-flex printed circuitry.

Dale Smith, Lenthor Engineering CTO stated,“The Pyralux HT bond film material when combined with Pyralux AP flexible metal clad laminates and polyimide rigid materials will provide an extremely robust material set with superior temperature and electrical properties. This material package will provide customers with capabilities and applications  previous material sets could not survive.”

High temperature environments (engines, aerospace, down hole drilling), high speed/high frequency (low loss flex & rigid/flex) and medical applications (autoclave sterilization) demand a higher performance material set than standard materials offer. 

John Lee of Insulectro, the premier DuPont material distribution outlet, provided the following statement, “Lenthor Engineering purchased an automated high temperature press a few years ago for the purpose of laminating specialty materials that require higher than normal laminating temperatures. Combined with Lenthor’s drilling, plasma and plating expertise, they are able to offer a higher performance rigid/flex with Pyralux HT material.”



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