Isola Reaches Higher in Frequency at 2022 TPCA Show in Taipei

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Isola Asia Pacific will be well represented by its circuit material experts at the 2022 Taiwan PCB & Assembly (TPCA) Show, as they advise attendees on the optimum uses of their materials for the growing numbers of high-frequency analog and high-speed-digital (HSD) electronic circuit applications. The event, with its engineering conference and traditionally lively exhibition hall, is a popular meeting place for professional users of printed-circuit board (PCB) materials. The show, which began in 2000, is scheduled for October 26-28, 2022, in the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (Taipei, Taiwan). Isola’s design and application advisors, from the Isola Asia Pacific division (Taoyuan, Taiwan), will be available all three days of the exhibition at Booth N-411. The knowledgeable Isola TPCA booth team can help attendees with the fine points of specifying a circuit material along with its dielectric thickness and copper weight according to the electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements of advanced applications, such as 5G networks or satellite communications (satcom) systems.

Isola’s professionals will be at the 2022 TPCA to advise on which of their materials work the best with different circuit applications. For example, Astra® MT77 laminates and prepregs feature low signal loss for HSD and RF/microwave circuits and are unaffected by wide operating temperature ranges (-40 to +140°C). The materials provide the behavior of PTFE circuit materials but without the many processing steps required for PTFE-based circuits.

TPCA attendees in need of high-frequency operation and fast digital speeds can also select Isola’s I-Tera® MT40 laminates and prepreg materials as the foundations for compact, multilayer circuits. The materials support RF/microwave/mmWave circuits such as 77 GHz radars in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) vehicular electronic safety systems and will be well suited for small cells in the mmWave portions (above 24 GHz) of 5G cellular wireless communications networks.

When lead-free, RoHS compatibility is an important circuit material requirement, Isola’s I-Speed® laminates and prepregs provide excellent thermal stability at high frequencies and fast digital speeds. Based on a reliable, low-loss UV-blocking epoxy resin system, I-Speed circuit materials are FR-4 process compatible for flexibility in manufacturing multilayer circuit assemblies that include FR-4 layers.

Choosing a circuit material that provides high performance at reasonable cost and with realistic manufacturing requirements often comes to the flip of a coin. But with a visit to Isola booth N-411 at the 2022 Taiwan PCB & Assembly (TPCA) Show, and the help of the engineering professionals from Isola Asia Pacific (Taiwan) Inc, the guesswork can be left outside the exhibition hall, especially for those circuit applications reach into the RF, microwave, mmWave, and HSD operating ranges.


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