PCB Technologies Acquires Galil Microwaves & Microelectronics Ltd.

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PCB Technologies is proud to announce that the company has acquired the technology and the business activity of Galil Microwaves & Microelectronics Ltd., effective as of November 1st.

The acquisition involves shifting Galil's production, expert employees, and engineering activities into PCB Technologies state-of-the-art brand new facility in Migdal Ha’emek, Israel.

Getting hold of Galil’s technology completes the full cycle of their "all-in-one" capabilities in the fabrication of PCBs, as well as the design and manufacturing of substrate, microelectronics packaging, and electronic assembly.

They welcome the team of Galil and their customers to join PCB technologies and be part of iNPACK, their miniaturization and advanced packaging division. Galil's technology will create additional synergy and add value to the all-in-one solution and bring their customers faster time to market and cost reduction for new design and production.


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